Countdown 1.3 brings exciting new Gallery, Locked Countdowns, and Repeating Countdowns

February 1st, 2019

Available on February 11th as a free update for both iOS and macOS, Countdown 1.3 continues to evolve on the incredible experience Countdown provides to customers.

Countdown is available on macOS, iOS, and Apple Watch.

With Version 1.3, Countdown continues to evolve and expand, introducing incredible new features like Locked Countdowns, the Gallery, and Notes with Markdown support. Countdown is also committed to providing an exceptional Accessibility experience, with Countdown 1.3 adding support for Dynamic Type, as well as improving VoiceOver and Switch Control support.

Locked Countdowns

Suprise Birthday Party for your Mom? Lock your Countdown to ensure it stays a surprise.


Gallery provides a collection of upcoming Countdowns, such as movies or sporting events, so users can stay up to date on what's happening.

Repeating Countdowns

Introducing Repeating Countdowns- useful for birthdays, yearly events, weekly meetings, and more.

Countdowns can repeat every day, week, two weeks, every month, or every year.


Keep track of important information related to Countdowns with Notes. Notes also supports Markdown, allowing users to style their notes with italics, strikethrough, bold, and more.

Countdown 1.3 also includes "Up Next" for both Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts. See the closest Countdown on your watch face, or ask Siri what Countdown is closest to today.

Countdown 1.3 is available February 11th as a free update to all users. Countdown for iOS is available as a free app, with a Premium in-app-purchase available for $0.99. Countdown for Mac is available for $0.99.

Read about Countdown 1.3's Accessibility updates here.

Press Information

Countdown is developed by Jordan Osterberg. Questions can be emailed to our support address.

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